Welcome to Smiles for Kids Today! We provide dolls for chemo kids!

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We make awesome Huggy Buddies! They bring love, joy, security, comfort and smiles to everyone! 


"Adopt" a Hospital Child for Christmas & give them a Buddy!


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Give a special child a Merry Christmas!  "Adopt a child for Christmas program" provides a large stuffed Chemo Buddy to hug and keep, a Coloring Book, Christmas gift bag of goodies in your name (first names only unless specified).   Be sure to check back for updates.

Thank you for loving and caring!    :)

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We Provide Dolls For Chemo Kids!

Meet Jude, our Handsome Poster Boy

Jude as survived 14 surgeries and keeps

Jude has survived 14 surgeries and keeps smiling!

Chemo Buddy gives love and hugs all day and helps chemo kids make it through lonely nights.

He stays right with them through all treatments and procedures and loves with all his heart! ❤


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Meet Chemo Buddy

Chemo Buddy loves to make kids smile!

Average donation is $40.00-80.00, all donations are greatly appreciated!

 We are a group of nurses and community members all working together towards our goal to take Happy Smiles Buddies to special Kids at Doernbecher Hospital for Christmas! Please donate today and provide an awesome doll for a deserving Chemo Kid to make their Christmas great! Watch for future updates. Thank you for loving and caring!

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Working together we can make a big difference!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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